April 13th: Easter’s Monday

Easter is, traditionally, the feast of rebirth and hope, is announced by the first full moon of spring, and brings all the joy of the beginning of the summer. An old Italian proverb “Christmas with the yours, Easter with whomever you want” exemptions from the

April 25th!

Menu Aperitif Classic method Spumante 100% Pinot Nero Torrazzetta / Alcohol free aperitiv home made whole wheat flour Focaccia with smoked pork cheek and rosemary Starters Three Italian cold cuts: Salame, coppa, pancetta Onions in vinegar with red wine Syrup Sauce made of pepper, carrots and tuna fish “Orecchiette” Pleurotus mushrooms in oil Taste of two […]

May 1st: Labor Day

Spend a relaxing day in contact with nature, taking a deserved break from work and resting in the company of friends and family.