May 1st: Labor Day

Spend a relaxing day in contact with nature, taking a deserved break from work and resting in the company of friends and family.

2nd June: Republic day!

Every year on 2 June, the Feast of the Italian Republic is celebrated. On June 2 and 3, 1946, in fact, was held the institutional referendum by which the Italians were called to the polls to express themselves on what form of government, monarchy or republic,

August 15: Ferragosto!

For those who want the classic Mid August outdoor trip preferring the gentle Oltrepo Pavese hills bunting to the city’s heat wave, The Farm Holiday Torrazzetta offers a carachteristic menu to enjoy in the heart of nature.

22-23 October: Goose & Chestnut Feast!

Autumn and savory flavors, around the open fireplace in company of friends!

1st November

For dinner before holidays and lunch on holidays, Agriturismo Torrazzetta offers a tasting menu.

5th – 6th November: “Bârlón”, the New wine

The first fruit of the harvest waiting to be tasted along with special dishes dedicated to him. 

8th December

To celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season with friends or family, in front of the fireplace…..

February 12-13-14: Valentine’s Day!

A romantic evening by candlelight. Spend Valentine’s Day in a rustic and romantic place by candle light in front of the fireplace in a cozy and warm atmosphere.

February 25th: Antique Carnival!

Antique Carnival: With the usual bonfire of Carnival TORRAZZETTA revives the ancient pagan ritual to drive out with

March 8: Women’s Day!

Woman’s day: The International Women’s Day is a holiday that wants to recall both the social political and economical achievements of women and the discriminations and violences that they are still subject to in many parts of the world.