Nearby you can either go for cultural or natural and relaxing tours. For those interested in art cities are within easy reach Pavia and the Certosa, Vigevano and its Piazza Ducale, and the museums of the nearby Casteggio, Voghera and Volpedo, while climbing towards the hills you can visit the towns of Fortunago and Zavattarello , inserted in the circuit of the hundred most beautiful villages of Italy, the Abbey of St. Albert of Butrio and the Alpine Garden of Pietra Corva. For those interested in nature tours the hills beyond the Po Valley are the ideal place for hiking or cycling, while the Oasi di Sant’Alessio offers the opportunity to closely observe both European and tropical animals.

For exercise and enjoyment of adults and children the surroundings offer the nearby motodrom – kartodromo in Castelletto di Branduzzo, Salice, Rivanazzano and their baths.