The Family

famigliaSince 1984, year of the transformation of the farm Torrazzetta in farmhouse by Franco and his wife Gianna much has been done to ensure an even better service and greater customer focus. All this thanks to the continuous Fiori family household and to all the collaborators that have been working with us and still cooperate with us.

Our family, ready to welcome you, consists of:

Torrazzetta_famigliaFranco Fiori: Son of Carlo Fiori, original owner of Torrazzetta from whom he inherited. Graduate in Construction Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, he primarily takes care of the restructuring works, of the architectural innovations that led to its current splendor and of the agricultural farm. What will he reserve for the future?

Gandini Gianna: Wife of Franco Fiori, after a career as a teacher of mathematics in high school dedicated with her husband to the achievement of ambitious transformation of the agricultural activities in rural tourism, in a time where agritourism did not exist yet , going to create the first farmstay in the province of Pavia and one of the first in Italy. Spirit of Torrazzetta, deals mainly with relationships with customers and companies.

Paolo Fiori: The eldest son of Franco and Gianna, thanks to his passion for cooking and catering has developed excellent management skills in this area.Inner Soul of our cooking, is dedicated to the preparation of dishes and personnel management.

Sergio Fiori: Second son of Franco and Gianna. Is mainly in charge of the wine production and of the biological garden.

Giulia Fiori: Last but not least! Graduated in industrial design at the Politecnico di Milano, works in the management of the family company.Mainly taking care of restaurant services, contacts with customers and marketing development

pulcinoOur animals: Our cats and animals. Dedicated to combine disasters and keep good company to our customers. If you feel like cuddles they will be very happy to play with you, if not, you could simply watch them and be delighted by their presence.

A Special thanks to all those who, through thick and thin, working with us, or visiting us have helped us grow, becoming part of our family and our farm.