Take some Torrazzetta home with you

The farm produces white, red, sparkling wines (white and rosé) and dessert and meditation wines.

We ship our products all over Italy and Europe (there might be restrictions depending on the country).
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Quality Sparkling wine (Spumante), Pinot, Classic Method, Brut, Vinified in white

It ‘s made with carefully selected grapes of Pinot Noir vinified in white to light pressing of whole and ripe bunches and fermented at controlled temperatures.

The base becomes sparkling in the spring following the harvest. The Wine ferments naturally in the bottle and remains in contact with its lees in the cool cellars of TORRAZZETTA until disgorgement can occur after a minimum period of 18/24 months from the second fermentation.

Sparkling wine of great class, with fine and brilliant foam, very persistent perlage, yellow, fragrant, important and advanced, with a well-balanced flavor that enhances the unique nobility of the great vine from which it comes. Ideal for an aperitif,for a toast,for a major menu … and for all the opportunities that deserve it. Best served at 6 °.


Quality Sparkling wine (Spumante), Classic Method, Brut, Vinified in rosè

Obtained by soft pressing and a brief stay in contact with the grape skins of the noblest and most valuable black grape of Oltrepo Pavese, produced in rosè, bright color, very aromatic, intense and penetrating, smooth taste, is suitable as an aperitif and throughout the meal.Best served at 8 °.


Quality Sparkling wine (Spumante), Classic Method, Brut, Vinified in white

From the careful selection of grapes, from the soft pressing of the bunches, after a white fermentation with selected yeasts and after the next natural fermentation in the bottle, comes this Classic Spumante: elegant and intense, with fine and persistent perlage and with fresh and delicate aromatic notes. Serve at 8 °.

White Wines:


Province of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication, vinified in white

Obtained from the most noble and precious black grape of Oltrepo Pavese, vinified in white, with pale straw color and coppery reflexes and an aromatic smell, intense and penetrating, smooth taste, is suitable as an aperitif and throughout the meal. Best served at 8 °.


Province of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication

Obtained from the vinification of Chardonnay grapes coming from the calacareo-tuffaceous vineyards on the Pavarolo hill, facing east, through soft pressing of the grapes and classical fermentation of musts in stainless steel tanks. The peculiar characteristics of the soil and the exposure to the early hours of the morning light give this wine its distinctive freshness accompanied by elegant and intense floral aromas and a strong sapidity. It should be served at about 6 °.

Red Wines:


Province of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication

Ruby red color, intense aroma and pleasant for its smooth and slightly tannic taste, it goes well with sausages, meats and tasty first courses.Best served at about 18 °.


Province of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication

From the gentle aroma of fruit, dry flavored, fruity, slightly acid, is suitable to accompany any meal.Best served at about 18°.


Province of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication, Red

Pinot Noir is the most popular black grape, prized and versatile of Oltrepo Pavese from which you can get excellent white wines, red, rosé and sparkling wines. This red brown coloured wine by winy and fruity smell, rounded on the palate, smooth and balanced, is a wine for every meal, especially suitable for cold cuts, red meats and medium aged cheeses. Serve at room temperature to 18 ° -20 °C.


Quality Sparkling wine (Spumante), Classic Method, Red

It comes from Croatina grapes coming from Pavarolo vineyards, on soils of medium texture, facing east-southeast, which enjoy a microclimate that allows for perfect ripening of the grapes, which takes place in early October, even in difficult years. Traditionally pressed, the juice ferments in contact with the skins for several days, then is decanted only through accurate rackings.Bottled in spring, as tradition for Oltrepo Pavese wines, referments slowly and naturally in the bottle. “Pavarolo Rosso” is a vibrant ruby red wine, young, fresh, fragrant, full bodied, dry. Matches with pasta dishes, grilled dishes, with all meat and cheese. Serve at 16-18 degrees.


“Novello” Pinot Noir, Province of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication, Red

It ‘a wine that celebrates an ancient tradition of Oltrepo, who brought wine lovers to the cellars, to taste the new product already during the harvest months. ts name means, in the area, the first wine tapped from the barrel and, continuing in this tradition, the “Barlon” is bottled in the first week of November. It’s produced by carbonic maceration of the grapes and from that characterized, it as a typical fruity aroma. Ruby wine lively and intense, textured, savory, yet exclusive, while respecting the characteristics of the best red Oltrepo wines. Should be served quite cool, about 16°. Wine that is traditionally used in autumn with chestnuts, is excellent with salame, grilled meat and throughout the meal.

Red Wines, aged in Barrique:


Barbera of The Province of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication,aged in barrique

Superb red wine made from traditional grape wine Barbera and a 15% Pinot Noir selected with great care. Aged in barrels for at least 9 months, is bottled the year after the harvest. Ruby red color, soft, fruity aroma but full of spice. To fully appreciate Serve at 20 ° C.


Pinot Noir of the Provincia of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication, aged in Barrique

Obtained from Pinot Noir grapes harvested in the homonymous vineyard and aged in wooden barrels for a long time: ruby red tending to garnet and evolved bouquet, dry and persistent flavor that reveals a great structure. Perfect with red meats and strong cheese. Serve at 20 ° C.

Dessert Wines:


Croatina of the Province of Pavia, Protected Geographic Indication, Red

The concentration of sugars and flavors in the best and selected clusters of Croatina is achieved leaving the grapes to dry on wooden racks in a ventilated room. The wine made, strong and intense and fruity aroma, is aged for several months in oak barrels. Designed as a wine from the end of meals to be served with desserts and cheese, or as a meditation wine. Servire a 18°C Serve at 18 ° C


Noble raisins, wine from extra-mature grapes, White

Tordimonte is a wine produced on the Torre Del Monte slopes where a particular microclimate (which leads to foggy mornings in Fall, soon dissipated by a current coming from the sea that laps the hill on the left bank of the Coppa River) allows to delay the harvest of the best grapes until the end of October and beyond. This exposure to the morning fog, alternating sun, favors the formation of “Botrytis nobilis, the fungus that is the essential element to give this dessert wine its particular characteristics. The harvest takes place at different times, picking only those clusters that have reached the optimum overripe. After soft pressing the wine ferments for a long time in wooden barrels of valuable quality. Bottled after more than a year after harvest, there is further refined for several years. It’s a prestigious wine for refined foods (foie gras, fish with sauces, seafood, cheese, pastry). It ‘also a wine to end a meal, for a conversation or anyway for important occasions. Keep lying down and serve cold.