9th – 10th November: “Bârlón”, the New wine

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The first fruit of the harvest waiting to be tasted along with special dishes dedicated to him. 

As usual, every year, the first weekend of November, in Torrazzetta takes place the feast of Bârlón, the dialect word still used by older farmers to call the first wine tapped from the cask. Bârlón is the “New wine” from Torrazzetta, first fruit of the harvest, just concluded, which offers itself to the taste. The conviviality of the festival which takes place in the large and characteristic areas of the restaurant centers on a menu by the characteristic autumnal flavors that emphasize the scents and sensations that wine Bârlón offers.

And for those who want to party all weekend long, it is possible to stay in the cozy rooms of the farmstay.

The menu is available both for Saturaday’s dinner and for Sunday’s Lunch.