31st March: Easter!

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Easter with Whomever you want…In Torrazzetta!

Easter is, traditionally, the feast of rebirth and hope, is announced by the first full moon of spring, and brings all the joy of the beginning of the summer. An old Italian proverb “Christmas with the yours,

Easter with whomever you want” exemptions from the obligation to spend the day with the family and makes it therefore considered an anniversary less ritual although rich in customs and traditions. The egg (chicken or chocolate) and lamb are considered to be an Easter imperative. The egg, in fact, represents in popular wisdom the origin of life, the rebirth. The lamb suggests the sacrifice of Christ, “Lamb of God.”


Classic Method Spumante Torrazzetta
Home made whole wheat flour focaccia with smoked pork
Home made whole wheat flour focaccia with rosemary

painted boiled eggs served with homemade mayonnaise with chives

Cold cuts: Salame, coppa, pancetta
Onions in vinegar

Orecchiette Mushrooms in oil
Sauce made of pepper, carrot and tuna fish

Taste of two home made first dishes
Hand made whole wheat flour ravioli
filled with ricotta cheese, spinach and leek

Stâng â l’üs
(whole wheat flour pasta sticks in three different colours)
with lamb ragout

Taste of two second dishes
Sliced “Porcaloca”
(roasted roll of pork and goose)

Oven baked Lamb
Salad from our garden

(warm whole wheat flour cake)
with Tordimonte wine flavored custard

Moka coffee

The menu might change

Homemade whole wheat flour and white flour bread.
Biological wines and Spumanti “Torrazzetta”
Hand made whole wheat flour filled pastas
Home made first courses.