March 8th: Antique Carnival!

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Antique Carnival: With the usual bonfire of Carnival TORRAZZETTA revives the ancient pagan ritual to drive out with fire the spiritsof winter.Having a lot of fun among friends, with masks and merriment, as tradition commands.

A big bonfire, lit at the beginning of the dinner, will accompany the Evening. This will symbolically burn “King Carnival” or “Vegia” and will mark the return to normal with cheerful and renewed spirit after a period of “madness”. In Peasant culture, this signaled the end of winter and the approaching of spring with the beginning of work in the fields.

The Farmers traditionally drew the auspices for the forthcoming crop year on the shape and direction the flames of the bonefire took.

The farmstay also offers the possibility to spend the night in rooms equipped with all comforts in the heart of the Schizzola Valley, in contact with nature.